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If you're a freelancer in media & performing arts and would be interested in being considered by Pilgrim Falcon for crew positions, please fill the following form. This is meant for people residing in the Waterloo Region or nearby. The majority of opportunities for a small production company are non-union.

Please notice that there are no permanent positions available, but that future projects produced by or commissioned to Pilgrim Falcon might need to fill crew positions for a limited time (one day to a few days).

A professional artist or technician has been paid to perform a specific job and continues to seek paid opportunities. It can also be a recent graduate from a film school or arts school that intends to pursue this career.

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Please allow five business days for a response.

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Southern Ontario only.
Professional Experience
Mark all crew positions in which you have professional experience. Not looking for directors, producers, writers or editors.
Include what types of productions you've been involved with and mention a couple of titles if applicable.

Please notice:

Any messages that do not pertain to compiling a roster of media and performing arts freelancers will be ignored.

Any emails with unsolicited attachments will be deleted without opening. Do not send any attachments, only links.

The information submitted will be kept private. However, if this initiative compiles a sizable roster of freelancers for the Region of Waterloo, Pilgrim Falcon will seek permission from the freelancers to list them in a directory.

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