"Compelling tone throughout"

"Both sexy and action packed"

"Incredibly inventive mythology"

"There is a great deal to admire here"

"Unlike anything I’ve ever seen before"

"Unique voice with bold, unusual ideas"

"The tone and atmosphere are excellent"

"Vividly rooted in a place, time and culture"

"Fascinating intersection of magic and logic"

"Brimming with imagination and intelligence"

"Its sheer inventiveness is both impressive and exciting"

"Original angle, a solid command of screenwriting, and a great voice"

The Chrononauts

Sci-Fi / Historical Fiction / Literary Romance

In the 1950s, esteemed writer Jorge Luis Borges finds himself drawn into a time travel conspiracy involving some of the greatest cultural figures in history.

This time travel story, somewhat in the vein of SOMEWHERE IN TIME and OUTLANDER, shows historical characters speaking and behaving as they would have if they had really lived through its fantastic circumstances and events. These are not the mindless versions from BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, but the real deal as far as Historical Fiction permits.

  • Quarter-finalist of the 2017 Stage 32 Fantasy & Sci-Fi Screenwriting Contest.

  • Official Selection of the 2017 Beverly Hills Film Festival.

  • Quarter-finalist of the 2016-17 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition.

  • Semi-finalist of the 2016 StoryPros International Screenplay Contest.

"This script takes a terrific premise and tells a story worthy of that great idea [...] Borges is a fantastic protagonist." Austin Film Festival

"The script features a unique voice with bold, unusual ideas." Academy Nicholl Fellowships

"Thoroughly original piece of writing that is brimming with imagination and intelligence. The conceit of utilizing historical/cultural figures in a genre film succeeds due to the writer's obvious passion and knowledge of the characters portrayed, and the end result feels like a smart mashup akin to THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, but without that film's gimmickry or one-note approach to detail. The sense of place in THE CHRONONAUTS is powerfully immersive thanks to the rigorous specificity, and the script's themes regarding nostalgia, culture, communing with the past, the nature of militarism, etc. are superb. Like all good speculative fiction, the script uses its heightened premise to explore some decidedly contemporary concerns [...] Its sheer inventiveness is both impressive and exciting." The Black List

Soldiers & Bandits

TV Pilot / War / Western / Historical Fiction

In 1916, Pancho Villa raids an American town, bringing the USA and Mexico on the verge of war. The show will follow historical events mixed with speculation, fiction and sprinkles of magic realism. Although set in the past, the style and narrative structure will be current and modern, in the vein of THE KNICK and NARCOS.

  • Runner-up of the 2017 Porto Alegre Screenwriting Festival (FRAPA) in the TV Pilot category.

  • Selected for the Second Round of the application process for the Sundance Institute 2017 Episodic Story Lab.


"This piece of historical fiction is a vivid look at the conflict between the Mexicans and Americans from both sides. The horror of the atrocities committed on both sides is well conveyed and disturbing, and the writer cleverly manages to give depth to both the heroes and villains." BlueCat

The Astral Grid

Sci-Fi / New Age / Alternative Thriller

A man suspects that his life is merely a dream, and attempts to escape from it through tantric sex and astral travel.

An indie and more human version of THE MATRIX, without its violence and silly bullet camera, but full of mysticism and eroticism, along with touches of surrealism. A world within a world, in the vein of THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR, DONNIE DARKO and DARK CITY.

  • Quarter-finalist of the 2017 Stage 32 Fantasy & Sci-Fi Screenwriting Contest.

  • Quarter-finalist of the 2017 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenplay Contest.

  • Semi-finalist of the 2017 Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition [Top 10 in Sci-Fi].

  • Longlisted for two Spotlight Awards at the 2016-17 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competitions.

"This is a fairly original premise (with some familiar elements) on a science fictional / philosophical thriller." BlueCat

"Sensual, high-concept thriller that handles its sci-fi aspirations with great confidence." Creative World Awards

"An alt- alt- (maybe another alt-) world script that combines technology and Eastern mysticism into a story about choice and individual freedom [...]  You like the protagonist as the washed up writer looking for love. He has his own POV and voice. And the tantric sex throughout offers a lot of funny beats." Academy Nicholl Fellowships

"You’ve got a lot of interesting ideas on display throughout this work, and your visceral depictions of sexuality were engaging without seeming exploitive. The implementation of Indian practices and belief systems is also a welcome breath of fresh air. Your first act is, quite simply, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before." Fresh-Voices

Dhampira: The Revenant's Daughter

Supernatural Drama / Gothic Horror / Suspense

​A young woman uncovers terrifying secrets about her family's history and realizes that a dark entity tries to kill everyone she loves.

This modern Gothic springs from the original Balkan and Gypsy vampire mythology and runs in the vein of INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA, THE HUNGER, THE CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE, the classic Hammer films and the TV shows FOREVER KNIGHT and DARK SHADOWS, with a touch of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.

  • Quarter-finalist of the 2017 StoryPros Awards Screenplay Contest.

  • Semi-finalist of the 2016 Screenplay Festival.

  • Quarter-finalist of the 2016 ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Contest.

  • Semi-finalist of the 2015 Search for New Blood screenwriting contest.

  • Finalist of the 2015 Shriekfest Horror / Sci-Fi Film Festival.

  • Quarter-finalist of the 2015 Creative World Awards.

  • Quarter-finalist of the 2014 Final Draft, Inc. Big Break Contest.

  • Semi-finalist (Top 20) of the Just Effing Entertain Me Competition.

  • Official Finalist of the 2013 World Series of Screenwriting.

  • Finalist of the 2013 Barcelona International Film Festival Awards.

  • Quarter-finalist of the Happy Writers 2013 Contest.

"This is brimming with imagination. It’s both sexy and action packed. Scenes are efficient, have great buttons on the end and intercutting between scenes is handled with ease. There are some great surprises [...] Strong visual elements are featured that accent the emotional story [...] There is a great deal to admire here."  Academy Nicholl Fellowships

"A uniquely new, adult take on the vampire mythology, backed up with a vast, detailed set of rules, relics and characters to make it compelling. The historical flashbacks paint a well-researched and intriguing tapestry of worlds and lives gone by."  BlueCat

"It is refreshing to see a world of vampires that I don't know about already. Without the usual expectations that an audience has for a vampire film, it makes the story much more interesting and unexpected. Creating these vampires to be more sexual and stealing life force rather than blood is something that I haven't seen too much of."  BlueCat #2

"A great story that brings the vampire myth back to being terrifying with vivid gothic imagery that is immersive and takes me exactly where the scenes are."  Fresh-Voices

"Enjoyable read. As far as a vampire tales go, you have come up with a lot of original detail and you’ve established a compelling tone throughout. The whole tale has the feel of a throwback vampire story."  Fresh-Voices #2

"The script has an incredibly inventive mythology that feels thoughtfully imagined in every detail. The tone and atmosphere are excellent."  The Black List

"The story is also a true Gothic horror, taking advantage of the New England setting to coax maximum spookiness out of the seemingly normal."  The Black List #2

Super Vampire

Horror / Action / Superhero

Unable to stop its apocalyptic doom, North America becomes riddled with vampires. Survivors face their fleeting existence as they figure out the true allegiance of a super vampire. SUPERMAN meets DRACULA in the vein of RESIDENT EVIL.

  • Semi-finalist of the 2017 StoryPros Awards Screenplay Contest.

  • Official Finalist of the 2014 Hollywood Screenplay Contest.

  • Official Selection of the 2014 Beverly Hills Film Festival.

  • Top 10% of the 2014 BlueCat Screenplay Competition.

  • Finalist of the 2013 Creative World Awards.

"The author works in two interesting settings, one a Canadian military base which allows a number of Native American characters and the other is the area surrounding a particle physics experiment in the U.S. Southwest. It is well written in a modern action, appropriate style. Action is vivid and clear and set-pieces are well thought out. Dialog is also crisp and fits the characters while making them convincing in their professions."  Academy Nicholl Fellowships

 "This is an interesting twist on the vampire tales flooding screens these days. I really liked the Native American backstory associated with the vampires' arrival, and how you also tied that into themes of destroying the Earth, and preserving what we have. You set up a great, grim post-apocalyptic America [...] This really works to add a solemnity to the story as well; these really are the last survivors of a new North America."  BlueCat

"SUPER VAMPIRE is to vampire movies what RESIDENT EVIL was to zombies—a nice mix of traditional horror with action-packed sequences."  Fresh-Voices

"This story plays with and upends many vampire tropes to create its own original set of rules that defy a number of cliches and offer an extremely engaging end of the world scenario. The most compelling detail of this world is the way in which it manages to encompass both vampire and zombie lore to create a whole new level of seductive cannibals in a class all of their own. The inclusion of science and Native American lore created a fascinating intersection of magic and logic that made much of the script's complexities feel wonderfully plausible."  BlueCat #2

Lovers of Darkness

Supernatural Mystery / Gothic Horror / Tragic Romance

​A psychoanalyst researches the true nature of an epidemic of realistic erotic dreams while a newlywed man investigates his darkest family secrets and tries to escape from a nightmarish malediction.

Prequel to DHAMPIRA, this story of doom and tragic loves is a modern Gothic mystery in the vein of THE HUNGER, THE WOLF MAN, CAT PEOPLE, VERTIGO and THE SIXTH SENSE.

  • Finalist of the 2015 Creative World Awards.

 "Fairly effective spin on the vampire motif, rendered distinctive by its geographical and chronological setting: many of the scenes occur in Yugoslavia, both prior to and during the late 80s conflict, and you make good use of local vampire lore. The focus here is not so much on the vampire as the sucker of blood (or, here, drainer of energy), but the vampire as a kind of incubus/succubus figure, a nocturnal visitor who often arrives in a seductive guise but is (cumulatively) equally lethal."  BlueCat

"Certainly an interesting take on the world and mythology of vampires. The last page really brought it together and working back from that it is clear that this could be something extremely special and exciting. There is a real art to taking a different approach to common myths and legends and this is where this script shines."  Fresh-Voices

"Fascinating, original, fun take on vampire mythology. This is around the time we should start seeing people do real creative things with the vampire trend, and this is a good example of that. You have an original angle, a solid command of screenwriting, and a great voice."  Fresh-Voices #2

"This script had a strong sense of place and the various locations through the US and Europe made the story feel like it was occurring on a grand scale. The strongest element of the script was the seamless intersection of deadly magic and real historical strife. [...] Overall this was a smartly told tale that pushed past the usual bonds of the horror and suspense genres to create something that felt vividly rooted in a place, time and culture. BlueCat #2

Con el Chamuco por Dentro


Satire / Horror / Spanish Language

​In Mexico, the Devil is known popularly as el Chamuco. An aspiring screenwriter and filmmaker in Mexico City strikes gold when a telenovela star becomes interested in his newest script, "With the Devil Inside", and together they develop a literally enchanting project. As other film and TV personalities and a corrupt politician quickly fall under the spell of the script, the Mexican film industry readies to cannibalize itself. And only an odd-matched crew may stand against the loose demons and impending damnation.

Self-reflexive film satire in the vein of ED WOOD and THE BIG PICTURE combined with absurdist Mexican horror mysteries (SANTO VS. LAS MUJERES VAMPIRO) and supernatural telenovelas (EL MALEFICIO).

The Royal Knight

Action-Adventure / Historical Drama / Alternative History

Miguel de Cervantes becomes a sidekick to Don John of Austria, natural son of Emperor Charles V and a practically invincible commander. From their adventures together, most notably the Battle of Lepanto, Cervantes draws inspiration for his DON QUIXOTE.


  • Official Selection of the 2015 Action on Film Festival.

"Looking for a good old-fashioned historical epic of ripping bodices and riproaring battles, political and personal intrigue at the highest levels, the rise from royal bastardy of the headstrong war leader who will be the greatest war commander of his time and with a cast of thousands fight one of the greatest sea battles ever against a cruel and brutal foe? Look no farther. The Royal Knight is here [...] It has some of the epic feel of EL CID. To my mind it successfully combines European history with Hollywood storytelling values. The characters are accessible and clearly delineated. The politics is precise and the battles well scaled between personal character combat and mass action." 
Philip Boast, UK