Soldiers & Bandits

TV Drama Pilot Script

War / Western / Historical

In 1916, Pancho Villa raids an American town, bringing the USA and Mexico on the verge of war. The show will follow historical events mixed with speculation, fiction and sprinkles of magic realism.

2nd Place, 2017 Porto Alegre Screenplay Festival (FRAPA)

The Chrononauts

Feature-Length Screenplay

Sci-Fi / Historical Fiction

In the 1950s, esteemed writer Jorge Luis Borges finds himself drawn into a time travel conspiracy involving some of the greatest cultural figures in history.

Official Selection, 2017 Beverly Hills Film Festival

Semi-Finalist, 2016 StoryPros International Screenplay Contest


Feature-Length Screenplay

Gothic Horror / Thriller

A young woman uncovers terrifying secrets about her family's history and realizes that a dark entity tries to kill everyone she loves.

Finalist, 2015 Shriekfest Horror Film Festival & Screenplay Competition

Semi-Finalist, 2015 Search for New Blood Screenwriting Contest


Other innovative recent incursions into the horror film genre include Eduardo Soto-Falcon's short film 'Dhampira'.
-Pop Culture Latin America! (book, ABC-Clio)

'Dhampira' - Eduardo Soto-Falcon's modern gothic short follows the beautiful Mara as she falls under the spell of a mysterious vampire, stylish with a very satisfying finale.
-Sex Gore Mutants (genre magazine)

The test movie allowed Eduardo to experiment with camera angles to convey both character and atmosphere more effectively than he could with just the screenplay. The look of the sets in particular is quite extraordinary.
-Moviestorm (3D animation & previs)

With the set-up of the eroticism between the two friends we are excited on a primal level to watch the events of this scene unfold [...] It has the potential to be an enthralling nugget of cinema.
-BlueCat Analysis




I am an International filmmaker based in Canada and shaped by Latin American and European influences. After growing up immersed in classic Hollywood and International cinema, I graduated summa cum laude in Cinema and Photography, along with a minor in Writing, from Ithaca College (NY).

My short films have been shown at 30 film festivals around the world and on TV (including Cinemax and the syndicated show "Sprockets and Splices"). I have written 15 feature-length screenplays and currently compete with my most recent works. An animatic storyboard of one of my scripts was one of 11 semi-finalists competing for a $100,000 prize at Amazon Studios.

I write and make films because I'm a storyteller and want my stories to appeal the intellect and reach for the soul. The thing that makes fiction as true as reality is emotion. If the writer feels it, if the performer feels it and if the audience feels it, then it's true.