Invitation to the Film Writer Tournament

The Film Writer Tournament provides great benefits for every entrant despite its low entry fee.

Every entry receives high quality feedback for the first 10 pages & 1 VPF Pitch.

The champion wins an in-depth analysis for a full script, 10 VPF Pitches & a $50 USD gift card for screenwriting books or software.

Finalists win full script feedback & 5 VPF Pitches.

The Late Deadline is coming up on June 24, 2022. The entry fee is only $20 USD. Use code FWJ777 for $7 USD off. FilmFreeway Gold members get an extra $3 USD discount.

For more information and to submit scripts go to

* VPF is a platform for TV/Film professionals seeking scripts and writers to represent. With VPF, writers can submit Written Pitches to 500+ networks/studios, producers and agents with the assurance of a guaranteed response.

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