Soldiers & Bandits

TV Pilot Script

Drama / Historical

Pancho Villa's attack on US soil brings the USA and Mexico to the verge of war. A Mexican immigrant joins the US Army punitive expedition and becomes a symbol of hope and peace.

2nd Place, Porto Alegre Screenplay Festival (FRAPA)

3rd Place, Canada International Film Festival


Feature Screenplay & TV Pilot

Gothic Horror

A young woman uncovers terrifying secrets about her family's history and realizes that a dark entity tries to kill everyone she loves.

Gold Prize, Hollywood Screenplay Contest

2nd Place, Hollywood Horrorfest

Georgie and the Chrononauts

Feature Screenplay & Play

Sci-Fi / Historical

A famous writer gets drawn into a time travel conspiracy involving many of the greatest cultural figures in history.

Bronze Prize, World Series of Screenwriting

Quarter-finalist, PAGE Awards

The Astral Grid

Feature Screenplay

Sci-Fi / New Age

A man suspects that his life is merely a dream, and attempts to escape from it through tantric sex and astral travel.

Best Sci-Fi, Chicago Genre Screenplay Competition

Honorable Mention, Canada International Film Festival


Level Up Your Screenplay: Screenwriting Concepts & Pointers

Available in paperback and ebook, this screenwriting handbook provides a wealth of information and helpful tips for writing and improving your scripts for cinema, TV and other media. Formatted like a screenplay, this book covers more than 500 concepts and pointers to guide beginning and experienced writers alike through all the ins and outs of screenwriting practice and theory.

This book can be your only guide to writing a screenplay, but it can also complement any other book or course on screenwriting, filmmaking, and film theory. Although the main focus is movies and TV, the notions presented in this text can also help with scripts for stage, audio dramas, comics and video games, or any other storytelling need. This book preserves the margins, tabs, breaks and pagination of a screenplay.

My source of inspiration, philosophy and wisdom in creating this grand compendium comes from a lifelong experience as a screenwriter, media artist and producer, along with over 100 accolades in screenwriting competitions, including several awards.


Ed Falcon
Ed Falcon


I am a multinational writer and filmmaker based in Canada. After growing up immersed in classic Hollywood, Mexican and International cinema, I graduated top of my class with a Bachelor's Degree in Cinema & Photography, along with a Minor in Writing, from Ithaca College (Ithaca, NY). I have spent my professional career in many areas of the media and entertainment industry. During the last few years, I have concentrated on screenwriting, achieving over 80 placements at writing competitions in several countries.

My short films have screened at 30 film festivals around the world and appeared on TV (including Cinemax). An animatic storyboard of one of my scripts was one of 11 semi-finalists competing for a $100,000 USD prize at Amazon Studios in its launch year.  Backed by my experience in sound recording and post-production, I turned recently to audio drama to produce my stories and share them with an audience.

I see writing and directing as two halves of the storytelling process, so I write as a filmmaker. Every script I choose to write on spec is extremely personal to me, but it's also a worthy story to be told and shared with worldwide audiences that seek alternatives to the repetitive and uninspired mainstream that bombards screens of all sizes. I'm a storyteller and want my stories to appeal to the intellect and reach for the soul. My interest in the fantastic is not to escape reality, but to deconstruct it. The thing that makes fiction as true as reality is emotion. If the writer feels it, if the performer feels it and if the audience feels it, then it's true.

Pilgrim Falcon Productions

In my company Pilgrim Falcon Productions, I develop and produce media arts projects while offering production and post-production services to other media artists and clients.

ANOTHER SNOW WHITE is a feature-length scripted audio with a full cast and immersive sound design based on two stories from the Brothers Grimm ("Snow-White and Rose-Red" & "Bearskin"). It's like a movie for your ears, to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. The Kindle eBook is also available for sale. Click on the cover images for more information and purchase:


Y2K REDUX revisits the Year 2000 through the microphones of the Canadian shortwave station Toonie Radio as a mysterious pandemic takes over the world. Tune back to the Year 2000 and listen to the Apocalypse! The first three full episodes of this series were produced with the financial support of the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund. Season 2 reduxes the production into 12 minisodes.

is a standalone audio play featured at international audio arts / radio drama festivals and on several podcast providers. A man wakes up in a strange motel room unable to remember how he got there or what happened to the urn with his dad's ashes. As this man goes on a quest to recover his dad's ashes, we hear his every thought, unfiltered and uncensored [explicit language].