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Screenwriting Needs

You are a serious, aspiring screenwriter trying to break in, or an independent creator developing a production.

Even if you are ready to shoot, your script should make sense from a production and directorial perspective.

Film Writer provides screenwriting services to cover all your storytelling, editing and writing needs, helping you improve your script and bring it to a higher level with creativity and thorough attention to detail.

Script Services

  • Analysis, notes & feedback
  • Proofreading (spelling, grammar & formatting)
  • Script editing & story consulting
  • Script doctoring
  • Polishing & quality assurance

Additional Services

  • Coverage (when required by producers or grants)
  • Pitch critique & guidance
  • Screenwriting
  • Treatment writing
  • Story research
  • Adaptation from a completed, professional text (novel, stage play, etc.)

The scripted projects can be for any medium (cinema, TV, web, stage, voice-over, corporate, commercial) up to 130 pages.

A free 10-minute voice consultation (or email exchange) can be arranged to discuss your project and needs. Beyond this brief free consultation, Film Writer's services require payment upfront.

Price List

Base Service: $195 USD. A full reading of one TV pilot or feature-length draft, providing proofreading and at least three pages of notes that highlight problems, needs and suggestions for development and improvement.

Revision - Screenplay: $450 USD. A full reading of the current draft, providing at least four pages of notes and possible changes, followed by two full days of editing and polishing a new draft.

Add-On Rewriting: $150 USD per day. The number of days will be calculated in advance after evaluating the current draft.

Add-On Live Session: $35 USD (up to 40 minutes). Remote, one-on-one conference with video or just audio.

  • Rates & deals are valid until August 31, 2024. Please notice that these rates are competitive and as low as possible.
  • All services include digital documents only. No physical printouts. Revised drafts are delivered in PDF, and optionally, in RTF or FDX (Final Draft 12).

Script Editor & Story Consultant: fee adaptable to the budgets set by US, Canadian and European grants.

Creative Screenwriting: the fee for developing a new script from a treatment will vary depending on page count, production budget and other factors, based on competitive market wages for non-union writers. Only for verifiable producers.

Please do not send any documents or payments until we agree on the terms of service and you receive an invoice.

Once you receive your invoice, payment is made in advance via PayPal (worldwide) or e-Transfer (Canada).

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The media arts scene is highly demanding. Grants and the top scriptwriting contests are extremely competitive, so your script needs to be close to perfection.

Your work can be improved objectively in craft, format, language, syntax, clarity, aesthetics, plot structure, narrative design, audiovisual cues, characterization, subtext, relevant connections & thematic references.

Film Writer finds the goodness in the details.

If your script is ready to go into production, the final draft should be attuned to budget, schedule, technical difficulties and foreseeable limitations.

Even if you are directing or producing your work, the shooting script needs to be as tight and clear as possible.

Film Writer can help you shape the filmmaking aspects of your script.

Film Writer's Experience

Highly creative and experienced professional with a degree in film production, who has written, directed and produced short films and full-cast audio dramas.

Spec portfolio that includes 17 feature-length screenplays and a few TV pilots that garnered over 100 accolades in the competition circuit (the Nicholl Fellowships, the PAGE Awards, the Austin Film Festival and many other contests).

Keen eye for detail and a background in quality assurance, translation and localization of major films, TV series and video games.

Author of the screenwriting book Level Up Your Screenplay.


Film Writer offers you a tailored service with the elements your script needs for its next stage.

Elsewhere, you can get your script looked at by an anonymous, underpaid reader who will write derivative coverage full of claims about undetermined producers, tiresome formulas and hypothetical current trends.

With proper help, you can improve your script in craft, format, language, syntax, clarity, aesthetics, plot structure, narrative design, audiovisual cues, characterization, subtext, relevant connections & thematic references.

Film Writer helps you communicate and shape the core elements of the story you want to tell.


Format in scripts follows certain standards. Film Writer can verify and edit your script formatting to comply consistently with those guidelines. However, if your text isn't written as a script, you should adapt it into script form beforehand. Please check the format page to make sure your draft follows the standard script format.

Credit & Copyright

Film Writer will not seek for screenwriting credit or ownership for editing, rewriting or consulting jobs of existing scripts.

However, for writing a first draft script or a complete page-1 rewrite, proper credits and rights need to be negotiated.


Film Writer Tournament

Open to all screenwriters! Submit full scripts for shorts, features & TV pilots.

  • Every entry receives detailed feedback & discounts.
  • FilmFreeway Gold members receive an additional 10% discount.
  • Qualifiers: First 10 pages of every script.
  • Semifinals: Next 10 pages of each qualified script.
  • Finals: Full scripts of the top contenders.
  • Champion: Wins script editing services & the book "Level Up Your Screenplay".