Eduardo S. Falcon

Ed Falcon is a Film Writer with over 20 years of experience in different areas of the film, TV, audio drama and video game industries. Always a cinephile, avid consumer of TV series and born storyteller, Ed decided at age 14 to pursue a career in writing and filmmaking. His passions include history, mythology and elevated genre stories. Ed has lived and worked in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Screenwriting Portfolio

  • Author of the screenwriting book Level Up Your Screenplay.
  • Feature-length screenplays (13 in English & 4 in Spanish).
  • TV pilots, audio dramas & short films.
  • Variety of genres (Drama, Horror, Historical, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Mystery, Action, Western, War).
  • Adaptations to/from prose, stage & audio drama.

Competition Circuit

  • Over 100 accolades at contests and film festivals (over 80 in the last few years).
  • Production Grant Winner (2020 Region of Waterloo Arts Fund).
  • Best Sci-Fi Winner (2019 Chicago Genre Screenplay Competition).
  • Gold Prize Winner (2017 Hollywood Screenplay Contest).
  • 2nd Place Overall (2019 Chicago Genre Screenplay Competition).
  • 2nd Place Feature Screenplay (2018 Hollywood HorrorFest).
  • 2nd Place Winner (2017 Porto Alegre Screenwriting Festival).
  • 3rd Place Winner (2018 Write Brothers Screenplay Competition at the Canada International Film Festival).
  • Bronze Prize Winner (2017 World Series of Screenwriting).
  • Honorable Mention (2019 WriteMovies Horror Award).
  • Quarter-Finalist (2021 & 2019 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards).
  • Second Rounder (2018 Austin Film Festival).
  • Top 20% (2017 Academy Nicholl Fellowships).
  • Top 1% on the Red List by Coverfly.

Produced Projects

  • "Y2K Redux" (audio drama, Canada, 75 min.)
  • "Another Snow White" (audio drama, Canada, 110 min.)
  • "Dad's Ashes" (audio drama, Canada, 13 min.)
  • "2 Strangers & a Foosball" (film, Canada, 24 min.)
  • "Sleeper Agent" (film, Canada, 3 min.)
  • "Dhampira" (film, Mexico, 10 min.)
  • "Daniel's Daughter" (film, Mexico, 7 min.)
  • "The Page" (film, Mexico, 30 min.)
  • "4 Movement: Destruction" (film, USA, 8 min.)
  • Short films screened at 30 film festivals around the world, winning 4 awards.
  • Short films broadcast on TV, Cinemax & other cable networks in the USA, Canada & Latin America.

Translation, Localization & Quality Assurance

  • English-language feature-length movies ("The Queen" & others).
  • Spanish-language feature length movies ("La Primera Noche" & others).
  • English-language TV series ("Criminal Minds", "Prison Break", "House", "Gilmore Girls" & others).
  • Video games ("Tenchu: Shadow Assassins", "Cars: Race-O-Rama", "Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars - The Director's Cut" & others).

Cinema & TV Experience

  • Hollywood big-budget film: Sound Assistant in a feature with Harrison Ford & Willem Dafoe for Paramount Pictures. The sound work was nominated for an Oscar.
  • Mexican feature films: Assistant Editor in a highly-acclaimed movie nominated for a Golden Globe & Assistant Sound Editor in other movies.
  • Third Assistant Director training at AQTIS (Montreal).
  • Third Assistant Director in a Canadian film.
  • Background acting in US & Canadian movies, TV series & commercials.
  • Editor of variety & general interest series for Spanish-language cable in Canada.
  • Writers room participant at Argos TV developing 2 drama series projects for the Latin market.
  • Enneagram workshop participant (multi day training hosted by Sony Pictures / Columbia TriStar).
  • Program Manager & Jury Coordinator at the Cancun International Film Festival & smaller events in Mexico.
  • Judge / Peer Reviewer at the 2023 Region of Waterloo Arts Fund.

Film School in New York (Ithaca College)

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Cinema & Photography, Concentration in Film Production, Minor in Writing.
  • Faculty Award winner (Valedictorian).
  • Film Production Scholarship winner.
  • 3.92 GPA (highest in the School of Communications graduating class). The Commencement speaker was Bob Iger, an IC alumnus & CEO of the Walt Disney Company.
  • Worked in the Media Department at the IC Library, where one of the duties was to manage the late Rod Serling's personal video archive from "The Twilight Zone". Serling had been a professor at IC.
  • Complemented studies with classes covering relevant aspects of the human experience: Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, Philosophy, Speech Communication & Languages.
At the Hollywood HorrorFest with 2nd Place Best Feature Screenplay award.
At the Hollywood HorrorFest with 2nd Place Best Feature Screenplay award.