Eduardo S. Falcon

Ed Falcon is a Film Writer with over 20 years of experience in different areas of the film, TV, audio drama and video game industries. Always a cinephile, avid consumer of TV series and born storyteller, Ed decided at age 14 to pursue a career in writing and filmmaking. His passions include history, mythology and elevated genre stories. Ed has lived and worked in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Screenwriting Portfolio

  • Feature-length screenplays (so far 13 in English & 4 in Spanish).
  • TV pilots, audio dramas & short films.
  • Variety of genres (Drama, Horror, Historical, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Mystery, Action, Western, War).
  • Adaptations to/from prose, stage & audio drama.

Competition Circuit

  • Over 100 accolades at contests and film festivals (over 80 in the last 5 years).
  • Production Grant Winner (2020 Region of Waterloo Arts Fund).
  • Best Sci-Fi Winner (2019 Chicago Genre Screenplay Competition).
  • Gold Prize Winner (2017 Hollywood Screenplay Contest).
  • 2nd Place Overall (2019 Chicago Genre Screenplay Competition).
  • 2nd Place Feature Screenplay (2018 Hollywood HorrorFest).
  • 2nd Place Winner (2017 Porto Alegre Screenwriting Festival).
  • 3rd Place Winner (2018 Write Brothers Screenplay Competition at the Canada International Film Festival).
  • Bronze Prize Winner (2017 World Series of Screenwriting).
  • Honorable Mention (2019 WriteMovies Horror Award).
  • Quarter-Finalist (2021 & 2019 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards).
  • Second Rounder (2018 Austin Film Festival).
  • Top 20% (2017 Academy Nicholl Fellowships).
  • Top 1% on the Red List by Coverfly.

Produced Projects

  • "Y2K Redux" (audio drama, Canada, 75 min.)
  • "Another Snow White" (audio drama, Canada, 110 min.)
  • "Dad's Ashes" (audio drama, Canada, 13 min.)
  • "2 Strangers & a Foosball" (film, Canada, 24 min.)
  • "Sleeper Agent" (film, Canada, 3 min.)
  • "Dhampira" (film, Mexico, 10 min.)
  • "Daniel's Daughter" (film, Mexico, 7 min.)
  • "The Page" (film, Mexico, 30 min.)
  • "4 Movement: Destruction" (film, USA, 8 min.)
  • Short films screened at 30 film festivals around the world, winning 4 awards.
  • Short films broadcast on TV in Mexico and on Cinemax & other cable networks in the USA, Canada & Latin America.

Translation, Localization & Quality Assurance

  • English-language feature-length movies ("The Queen" & others).
  • Spanish-language feature length movies ("La Primera Noche" & others).
  • English-language TV series ("Criminal Minds", "Prison Break", "House", "Gilmore Girls" & others).
  • Video games ("Tenchu: Shadow Assassins", "Cars: Race-O-Rama", "Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars - The Director's Cut" & others).

Cinema & TV Experience

  • Hollywood big-budget film: Sound Assistant in a feature with Harrison Ford & Willem Dafoe for Paramount Pictures. The sound work was nominated for an Oscar.
  • Mexican feature films: Assistant Editor in a highly-acclaimed movie nominated for a Golden Globe & Assistant Sound Editor in other movies.
  • Third Assistant Director training at AQTIS (Montreal).
  • Third Assistant Director in a Canadian film.
  • Background acting in US & Canadian movies, TV series & commercials.
  • Editor of variety & general interest series for Spanish-language cable in Canada.
  • Writers room participant at Argos TV developing 2 drama series projects for the Latin market.
  • Enneagram workshop participant (multi day training hosted by Sony Pictures / Columbia TriStar).
  • Program Manager & Jury Coordinator at the Cancun International Film Festival & smaller events in Mexico.

Film School in New York (Ithaca College)

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Cinema & Photography, Concentration in Film Production, Minor in Writing.
  • Faculty Award winner (Valedictorian).
  • Film Production Scholarship winner.
  • 3.92 GPA (highest in the School of Communications graduating class). The Commencement speaker was Bob Iger, an IC alumnus & CEO of the Walt Disney Company (2005-2020).
  • Worked in the Media Department at the IC Library, where one of the duties was to manage Rod Serling's personal video archive from "The Twilight Zone". Serling had been a professor at IC.
  • Complemented studies with classes covering relevant aspects of the human experience: Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, Philosophy, Speech Communication & Languages.
At the Hollywood HorrorFest with 2nd Place Best Feature Screenplay award.
At the Hollywood HorrorFest with 2nd Place Best Feature Screenplay award.