Level Up Your Screenplay

Level Up Your Screenplay

Film Writer presents “Level Up Your Screenplay”  ̶  a screenwriting handbook that provides a wealth of information and helpful tips for writing and improving your scripts for cinema, TV and other media. Formatted like a screenplay, this book covers more than 500 concepts and pointers to guide beginning and experienced writers alike through all the ins and outs of screenwriting practice and theory.

The hundreds of concepts in this book are presented and organized into 14 sections that cover all aspects of the screenwriting process and the craft of storytelling, such as story foundations, character development, and dramatic structure. The book covers basics like screenplay format and narrative voice, classic topics such as archetypes and the hero’s journey, modern matters like inclusion and AI, as well as original notions such as the Cinema of the Mind and the Camera of the Imagination.

This book can be your only guide to writing a screenplay, but it can also complement any other book or course on screenwriting, filmmaking, and film theory. Although the main focus is movies and TV, the notions presented in this text can also help with scripts for stage, audio dramas, comics and video games, or any other storytelling need.

The author’s source of inspiration, philosophy and wisdom in creating this grand compendium comes from his lifelong experience as a screenwriter, media artist and producer, along with over 100 accolades in screenwriting competitions, including several awards.

Available in eBook and paperback, this book preserves the margins, tabs, breaks and pagination of a screenplay.

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Level Up Your Screenplay (eBook)
Level Up Your Screenplay (paperback)


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